Donnerstag, 14. August 2008

i guess...

summer is over.
I woke up freezing this morning, clouds in the sky, rain falling down every 2 hours.
I love fall, too but i would have loved to enjoy a little bit more summer this year...

Mittwoch, 13. August 2008

Since my cute little pink nokia phone was stolen in Spain, i had to look for a new one.
so tadadaaa my beautiful samsung q-bowl with touchscreen. i spent the whole day doodling around with it..

Dienstag, 12. August 2008

H&m Art by...

on Friday i went to h&m and saw those awesome "art by" shirts they have at h&m now. Way better then the last collection i think...
i only got those two shirts but i fell in love with every single one of them!more pictures at

Montag, 11. August 2008

i'm back from Espana and i fell in love with this country. It was my first visit and now i'm dreaming of speaking spanish fluently and moving to Barcelona one day. Gaudi did such an awesome job by forming the city as he wanted to. i could spent the whole day just watching the sagrada familia or being lazy in the parc güell- it's so inspiring!

of course i bought a lot of stuff in Barcelona and lloret de Mar- these are just some pieces...